Evergreen’s 170 unit apartments

Evergreen Housing Development Group’s 170-unit apartment project next to the Pavilion ice rink. (updated August 29, 2019)

On August 28, 2019, the applicant hosted a neighborhood meeting to present modifications to be made to the project.  The applicant and two appellants had negotiated for several months to find a compromise.  The deal reached requires the applicant to remove the top floor of units to reduce the number of units from 170 to 141 units.  The provided off-street parking remains the same.  Once the applicant processes the modifications with the city, the appellants will withdraw there appeals to LUBA.  The neighbors applauded the reduction in the height, but there was disappointment with the modifications, such as moving the building further away from the riverside park. 

This proposed 170-unit apartment is the perfect example of a “hot topic.”  Here is a brief summary of the two sides to this application:

Supporters say: This project provides needed housing and reduces the vehicle mileage traveled because residents will have less distance to travel to work and play.

Opponents say: Proposed project fails to comply with the special standards set for this parcel as part of the 20-acre Shevlin Riverfront Master Plan.

Here are the key milestones:

In March 2018, the applicant presented to public meeting of over 100 interested citizens the proposed project.

On November 27, 2018, staff deemed the application was complete.

In January, 2019 two days of public hearings were held followed by several weeks for written rebuttals.

On March 7th, the Hearing officer’s decision was mailed out where he approved the site plan and denied the height variance.

On March 19th,  William Smith Properties filed an appeal with the city containing 46 concerns. A one-page summary of the appeal can be read here.  The entire 20-page appeal can be read here.

On March 20th, the City Council voted to not hear the appeal.   This decision was based on the Council agreeing with the City attorney’s finding that the:

*The appeal did not present issues that have significant public policy or community-wide implications for the city.
* It was not necessary or desirable for the Council to review these [appeal] issues and these issues can be adequately and fairly reviewed by LUBA.

The appeal Notice of Intent was submitted to LUBA and many months will pass before a ruling is made.  The appeal includes same issues in the appeal to the city and will add that the City Council erred in not hearing the appeal.

Meanwhile the applicant has reached a tentative settlement to process modifications to the project to removed the top floor of the building which brings the unit count from 170 to 141.  Once the modifications are approved by the city, the appeals will be withdrawn.