City Land Use Notices

The City of Bend mails public notices for land use applications to River West Neighborhood Association.  Listed below are the recent public notices we have received.  We send “alerts” by email of these pending land use applications to members and can be found at “RWNA notices  / land use notices.”

Land Use 101
A city web-page to explain the basics of land use planning

Shell Gas Station  
Replacing existing gas station with new gas station, convenience store and car wash. The July 22, 2019 hearing was cancelled. The applicant notified the city that they will be modifying their application to eliminate the previously proposed car wash component of the project. (updated 8/21/2019)

Evergreen 170-unit apartment hearing officer decision
The city Council declined to hear the appeal on the hearing officer decision to deny the height variance, but to approve the site plan with additional conditions.  An appeal was filed with LUBA.
​Meanwhile, the applicant has met the the two appellants and the applicant has proposed modifications to the previously proposed project which will be presented at a public meeting on August 28 from 12:15 to 1:30pm at OSU-Cascades’ Tykeson Hall, room 111. (updated 8,21/2019)

Land Use “Alerts”​

The City of Bend mails the neighborhood association public notices for upcoming land use applications.  We send out an alert to the members with a plain English explanation of the intent of the application and links to find more details about the application if the member is inclined to dig deeper.

​​Alert 9/13/19

Alert 4/8/19

Alert 4/2/19

Alert 3/18/19

Alert 3/21/19

Alert 2/4/19

Alert 1/17/19

Alert 1/15/19

Alert 1/3/19