July 17 Workshop

The RWNA hosted a workshop on July 17th to on three important topics that the livability of our neighborhood and community.  Here is a link to the agenda (Agenda link).​  The objectives of the workshop are to:

    – Present information to the neighborhood  on three topics

     – Establish committees on each of the three topics to prepare a                     neighborhood response to each.

​Here is a link to the presentation made at the workshop (line to workshop presentation).
Neighborhood Safety Program Committee – City Council has approved funding $800,000 over the next two years for safety projects prioritized by the 13 neighborhood associations in Bend.  This program identifies, prioritizes and implements projects to improve safety and livability on residential streets.  Here is your chance to influence on your tax dollars are spent in your neighborhood.

Here is a link to RWNA page with more information on this topic

here is a link to a presentation on the program.

Parking Committee – Beginning in 2006, the Bend Development Code was modified to encourage a shift of a development’s needed parking from off-street parking lots to maximizing on-street parking.  This emphasis on shifting parking to on-street has  led to an over-utilization of on-street parking,  With every proposed project, parking encroaches further into the adjacent residential neighborhoods and existing business parking lots. This committee will focus on two fronts;
     a) the “right-sizing” of the development code parking rate for restaurants
     b) the formation a residential parking permit district which limits on-street parking in residential neighborhoods to residents and their guests. 

Here is a link to a RWNA page with more information on this topic  

Transportation Review Committee – The city is about 2/3rd along in creating a transportation system plan (TSP) which could cost as much as $1 billion over the next 20 years.  The existing revenue from existing taxing/fee programs is estimated to be only $189 million over the same 20 years.

The city has been promoting the transportation system plan as a solution to addressing congestion and safety.  Numerous surveys have identified congestion and safety as the top two concerns of the community. 

This committee will review the proposed TSP’s projects, programs, policies and funding to determine its impacts to our neighborhood and identify questions that our City Council needs to answer before adopting the TSP.

Here is a link to a RWNA page with more information on this topic.