Right Up Your Alley


At the River West General Membership Meeting in January, 2009, a RWNA member, Kristina Bak, suggested that the association give attention to the neglected and deteriorating alleyways in our west side neighborhood. Annie Goldner, RWNA Special Projects Coordinator, and Stacey Stemach RWNA Land Use Chair, accepted the challenge to lead this effort with the RWNA Board approval and support. 


  • Alleyways are public property, owned by the City of Bend
  • There is no funding available for alleyway improvements
  • Adjacent neighbors, the RWNA neighborhood and the city would benefit from increased attention, clean-up, repair and greening of this area.
  • Alleyways have been or could become safe and attractive walkways and bikeways
  • Improving the condition of alleys could be a means of building community cooperation and pride in the neighborhood. 
  • Community attention and active participation in improvements could decrease crime and vagrancy. 

Project Plan

  1. Survey the condition of each alley in the RWNA geographic area. By walking 10 alleys once each month. Completed — July, 2010.
  2. Create a database containing information about the alleys surveyed. Complete — July 2010.
  3. Plan Before and After improvement contests. Begin Spring 2012.
  4. Create maps and suggestions for alley walks, biking, and buildings or objects of interest. Begin fall of 2010.
  5. Other tasks to be created as it unfolds.

The Right Up You Alley (RUYA) Project was created and intended to continue indefinitely and to evolve as a community interest and improvement to the West Side Neighborhood.  

To be placed on the RUYA email list to be informed of Alley Walks send your name and email address to rwna@bendbroadband.com

RWNA Celebrates an Outstanding Alley


  Our Right Up Your Alley committee has completed an inspection of all the alleys in our neighborhood and they voted one alley, locally called “Allie’s Alley,” as the best in our part of town. On September 20th, 2011 the RWNA presented an award, donated by The Hillside Inn bed and breakfast, to the residents living along the alley between 12th Street and Fresno, just south of Galveston. The committee wanted to show their appreciation to the people who put their hearts and soiled hands into creating something beautiful. They hope many River West neighbors will visit this alley and come away inspired. Each year, the Right Up Your Alley team plans to tour the River West alleys and recognize the most attractive alley with the official marker.